The Season Finale: ‘Life Review’ | Mysteries of Life (S1, E12)

We’ve asked many big questions on this show: Does the soul exist? Is it eternal? And do we have past lives?—just to name a few. And we found many answers.

The Season Finale: ‘Life Review’ | Mysteries of Life (S1, E12)
June 10, 2023
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"Mysteries of Life" investigates the mysteries of the universe, time, and humanity. Through interviews with experts across various fields and looking at real-life cases, the show explores questions about near-death experiences, reincarnation, polytheism, the creation of humankind, cultivation of mind and body, divine culture, and much more. "Mysteries of Life" seeks to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western spiritual beliefs and culture while simultaneously exploring the true relationship between mankind and divinity. Our goal is to offer viewers new perspectives on how to see the world and explore life’s biggest questions: Who are we as human beings? Where did we come from? What’s our afterlife like?