Mysterious Object Spotted Floating Above Area 51 in Viral Video

By Richard Szabo

A Nevada man has released what appears to be a video of a mysterious object above an old United States Air Force facility in the Silver State.

Gold miner and part time YouTuber Christian is convinced he filmed a UFO hovering above Area 51 from 26 miles away.

Christian claims he made the grueling 25-mile journey to Tikaboo Peak, which is the closest public vantage point of the top secret facility available since the U.S. government closed two closer vantage points at Freedom Ridge and White Sides back in 1995.

About 11 minutes of the video showed what appeared to be a white disc-shaped object hovering above the left of an aircraft hangar while a plane moves through the structure and emerges out the other side.

“That flipping thing is weird, go back and check it out better,” Christian said while placing a circle around the object on the YouTube video.

“I maybe shouldn’t have circled that but it was strange [and] … to me it’s clearly on a poll,” he added on Facebook.

The rest of the footage showed a large recently constructed aircraft hangar, which the Daily Mail reported measures 210 feet wide by 250 feet long and is the most significant upgrade to the base in almost a decade.

An HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopter, which conducts security sweeps, can be seen flying across the edge of another mountain between Tikaboo Peak and the restricted base.

Christian also filmed what appears to be a Janet plane, which is used to transport military staff between McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas and the base. The footage showed military jet landings.

“This is very exciting for me,” Christian said on the video while a jet moved along a runway.

The video also showed trucks moving, other buildings and runways on the military base.

“The base is very active,” Christian said on YouTube.

Even though the weather conditions were harsh, Christian was still able to record clear and stable footage.

Christian is now planning to release sequels to his viral video.

“There was no way for me to pack all the footage in one video, so a part two is coming, and maybe even a part three,” he said. “I’m trying everything to shorten my videos.”

Christian revealed he was able to find his way back down the mountain through leaving a series of rocks and tape.

“The mountains bordering Area 51 are not easy to hike up,” he said on Facebook.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) built the base in the year 1955, but the U.S. government did not confirm its existence until 2013, following a Freedom of Information request submitted back in 2005.

The top-secret base is wildly speculated to be developing CIA high-altitude spy plane technology or testing alien spaceships that crash landed on earth. Sightings have increased since the base was developed.