Mystery Animal Identified in Florida, Died Soon After

By Paula Liu

A strange, alien-looking animal turned up shivering under a car in Windermere, Florida, on Nov. 16.

Debbie Helsel, the executive director at Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge said, “It took me a second but looking at her. I’m pretty familiar with seeing everything and you kind of go—it looks like, but maybe not.

The rescue organization—getting a lot of buzz on social media with this post—was asking people to guess what it was. And they got everything from a bear to a chupacabra, and a wallaby.

Believe it or not—this internet sensation—is a raccoon. And Helsel said, “She has raccoon feet and she talks like a raccoon. They have chirps that they do.”

She just doesn’t have any hair.

Helsel said of the hundreds of raccoons they care for every year—she’s never seen one that looked like this.

Helsel said, “While she looked really cool, at the same time she kind of grabbed you because of the condition she was in.”

The raccoon is emaciated and struggling to stay alive.

Nicknamed Dobby after the Harry Potter character—she now has a lot of people rooting for her. And a dedicated team trying to save her life.

At first the staff had hope that some loving care would help Dobby regain her health, but her condition worsened.

Unfortunately, Dobby died in her sleep, on Nov. 22.

Sea Turtles Wash Up Off Cape Cod, 173 Killed in Cold

Winter is approaching, and the Northern Hemisphere is bracing itself for the cold temperatures.

For Cape Cod, it’s not much different, as the area has already been hit with extremely cold temperatures.

In the winter, people have the ability to put on layers, but for an amphibian, it’s much different.

With the extreme temperatures, many sea turtles living on Cape Cod have died.

Two hundred and twenty-seven cold-skinned turtles have been recovered from the Gulf of Maine since Nov. 21.

Out of those 173 died.

The turtles that survived—all 54 of them—are currently being warmed.

The turtles will be shipped to aquariums after they’ve recovered, and will be eventually released.

California Police Report Unexpected Guest as Bear Casually Strolls Into Facility

Animals can be very smart when they’re given the chance.

They can really surprise you.

On Nov. 17, the California Highway Patrol facility received an unexpected visitor—and it wasn’t human.

It was a bear. A wild bear.

It just happened to stroll casually into the facility.

According to video footage, the bear managed to open the doors to the facility and let itself in.

It makes its way into the facility and then makes its way out again, with patrolmen hot on his tail.

Young Bobcat Growls at Conservation Officer During Release in Utah

Bobcats belong to the lynx family and are capable hunters. But don’t let the size fool you, they can be quite vicious.

A young bobcat was caught killing chickens in a chicken coop in Kanarraville on Nov. 23.

The owner of the chicken coop trapped the bobcat and captured it, and officer Josh Carver took the animal  home for Thanksgiving, feeding it turkey.

When Carver tries to free the bobcat—it growls at him.

Another person offered to distract the bobcat while Carver flipped opened the cage and moments later, the wildcat ran off.