Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan, to Meet Tsai on Wednesday

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in Taiwan, despite Beijing threatening serious consequences if she went through with the visit.

The United States and Japan are working to stand up to what they describe as Beijing’s economic coercion. And several key industries could benefit from the effort.

Thousands of China’s wealthy are looking to leave the country—and could take over $40 billion with them. We examine what prompted the exodus.

A human rights activist accuses Beijing of setting him up in an allegedly fake bomb threat.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan, to Meet Tsai on Wednesday
  2. Taipei Residents Split Over Pelosi Visit
  3. Taiwan Prepares Air-Raid Shelters Amid China Threat
  4. Russian, Chinese Foreign Ministers Met in Uzbekistan
  5. Swaths of Wealthy Chinese Seek Migration: Report
  6. Diplomat: U.S. Working W/ Tokyo to Counter China
  7. Activist Says China Framed Him with Bomb Hoax

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