NATO: Taiwan Is Not Our Responsibility

As President Joe Biden kicks off his tour of Europe, Chinese leader Xi Jinping is meeting with a Russian lawmaker.

“We can count on a firm, reliable and friendly shoulder in China.”

On Monday, she said Russia will continue to cooperate with Beijing. On the other hand, China canceled on the European Union, its foreign policy chief was scheduled visit to Beijing.

Mr. Biden met with the UK’s prime minister on Monday.

“Our relationship is rock-solid.”

The two talked about providing Ukraine with support to win the war against Russia.

On Tuesday, Biden participated in the NATO summit—a meeting of the world’s most powerful military alliance.

Ukraine is slated to be a big part of the discussion. In an op-ed published on Monday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg wrote that China is watching Russia’s war on Ukraine closely.

He also mentioned the leaders of Japan and South Korea shared a concern with him—that what’s happening in Europe today could happen in Asia tomorrow. Meaning a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

But Stoltenberg said NATO does not see China as an adversary.

A NATO official also said the alliance is not involved in Taiwan, adding that it’s not part of NATO’s responsibility.

Stoltenberg noted NATO must engage with China on issues like climate and nuclear proliferation and that China should use its influence on Russia to end its war in Ukraine.

Likewise, Hungary’s foreign minister said cooperation with China presents “opportunities rather than risks.”