NATO to Focus on Chinese Regime

For the first time, nations from the Indo-Pacific region will join a NATO meeting—all because of China.

Beijing may have realized it’s gone too far. A special envoy from China expressed the sentiment during a special trip to Europe.

Beijing’s mouthpiece is taking aim at the upcoming NATO summit by making use of a tweet circulating online.

In a summit between the world’s five largest developing countries, China helped Russia return to the international stage. It marks the first time since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

Shanghai residents speak up against repeated lockdowns, but authorities recently stepped in to stifle a public demonstration. Locals say it’s become hard to survive in the city.

Topics in this episode:

  1. NATO to Focus On Chinese Regime
  2. U.S. Bans Xinjiang Forced Labor Imports
  3. Expert: China Trying to Change Tone Post-pandemic
  4. Beijing Mouthpiece Spreads Disinformation on Protest
  5. Russia Returns to the Int’l Stage for BRICs Summit
  6. Church Shooting Suspect Charged, Hate Crimes
  7. Shanghai Residents Fight COVID-19 Restrictions
  8. China Allegedly Pulls Article w/ Omicron Details
  9. Musk: Tesla Parts ‘Stuck in Port in China’
  10. Swedish Court Upholds Ban on Huawei Sale of 5G Gear
  11. 23% Of European Companies Plan to Leave China: Poll
  12. S. Korea Expert: No Step Back on National Security

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