Nevada County Says Number of Uncounted Ballots Was Wrong

Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria said that the number of uncounted ballots he reported yesterday was wrong, explaining that because each ballot has two pages, he mistakenly reported the number of pages instead of ballots.

“I have a change from yesterday. The expected turnout I reported yesterday was incorrect,” said Gloria.

“The 51,000 votes that I reported would be available today is actually a little over 30,000. And here’s the reason why. When we process ballots on the counting board, our tracking mechanism change from precinct-based ballots to page numbers. For the first time in Clark County, the ballot is so large that our ballot is two pages long.”

The Registrar says that there are an estimated 63,000 mail-in-ballots yet to be counted in Clark County, which covers Las Vegas, and another 60,000 provisional ballots to be reviewed. The provisional ballots will first be reviewed electronically, and if there is a signature mismatch, those ballots will have to be reviewed manually. Voters will then be contacted by phone or email to cure their signature. The deadline for curing signatures is Nov. 12., meaning the Nevada county may not finalize its vote count until next week.

President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden are in a neck-and-neck race in the state of Nevada, with only some 20,000 votes separating the two. And most of the uncounted ballots in Nevada are in Clark County, the state’s most populous county.