New COVID-19 Wave Could Hit China Soon: Epidemiologist

NTD Newsroom
By NTD Newsroom
November 15, 2023China in Focus

Another wave of COVID-19 could hit China soon. The estimate comes from a top Chinese epidemiologist.

Zhong Nanshan is the lead scientist at China’s National Health Commission. He estimates a new wave of COVID-19 infections could emerge in November and last through next January. That’s based on modeling results and he’s calling on Chinese citizens to get vaccinated as children infected with pneumonia continue flooding hospitals across China.

“Right now, our inpatient beds are very limited. It’s hard for patients to get a bed here,” Liu Yuhui, a pediatrician from Henan Province Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said.

A children’s hospital in Henan is seeing almost three thousand patients per day. A children’s hospital in Beijing has over four hundred patients seeking treatment. Almost three times the normal average.

Meanwhile, authorities from different parts of China have published emergency notices, asking citizens to wear masks.

In Anhui province, some mycoplasma pneumonia infections in children are so bad that patients must undergo special treatment to clear their lungs. One hospital there has been doing fifty such treatments daily.

The recent wave of pneumonia infections have some wondering if the respiratory tract infections are caused by COVID-19.


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