New Year’s Resolutions 2021: Business Edition

With all of 2021 ahead of us, do you have any new year financial resolutions? NTD’s Phil Zou went to New York’s Upper West Side to ask New Yorkers about their plans.

“We’re in Columbus Circle Manhattan, surrounded by luxury condos and hotels. It’s the New Year, and we asked people what’s their resolution for 2021.”

Many people said saving and planning for the future is most important.

Steve and Cynthia Harmon, retired couple, New York: “Think about the future, but don’t have to be too conservative. You have to live, but you have to remember, there is tomorrow so you’re gonna be something, so save. Don’t give it all up today.”

Saundra Davis, Nurse, Indiana: “I plan to save some money, because I have some vacation I want to go on, and investing in the stock market, and doing better than I did last year.”