New Yorker says Taekwondo benefits not only physically, but also mentally

Fernando Lopez from Lynbrook, New York, has been learning Taekwondo for 3 years. This year is his second year attending the Annual NY Times Square Taekwondo festival.

Lopez got his first degree in Taekwondo from Ryu’s Martial Arts School. He started Taekwondo for one simple reason—just to learn how to fight.

But as time passed, he realized that there was more to Taekwondo than just fighting.

“Taekwondo is a way of life,” Lopez said. “How well you treat people, with respect, humility, perseverance, self control and honesty.”

He said he not only benefitted from Taekwondo physically, but also mentally.

Sandra Cruz, Lopez’s mother, said his behavior changed positively after learning Taekwondo.

“One example is that before when I told him things, he would not listen. Now when I tell him things he has to do, he stays quiet, observes me and listens to me. He thinks about it and then tells me yes,” she said.

Lopez is on track to get his instructor’s degree in December and is also planning to get a master’s and grand masters degree one day.

“And then possibly get my grand masters degree. I know I’m far from there, but with God, trusting God, I will reach it,” Lopez said.

Lopez’s goal is to have his own Taekwondo school in the future.