Non-Profit Chair Touts Chinese Police Outpost in NYC in Front of Mayor Eric Adams at 2022 Gala: Report

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October 24, 2023China in Focus

A daring remark from the head of a New York non-profit.

Revealed in a Daily Caller exclusive, the video shows the chairman of the America Changle Association touting an alleged, illegal Chinese police station right in Manhattan’s Chinatown. He gave the speech during the organization’s 24th-anniversary banquet last year.

“In 2020, we collaborated with the Changle District Court to establish a so-called Changle Overseas Chinese Dispute Litigation Center…,” Lu Jianshun, the Chairman of America Changle Association, said.

But there’s more. Footage from the event shows New York Mayor Eric Adams was in the audience.

The Changle Association bills itself as offering public services for overseas Chinese. Critics accuse it of acting as an arm for Beijing’s repression.

Chairman Lu Jianshun went on to explain that a councilor with the non-profit had been invited to participate in launching an overseas network. Adding he was also “entrusted to set up the Fuzhou Police Department in the Changle Association of America.”

The mayor praised the association in a speech during the event. However, according to the New York Post, sources say Mr. Adams didn’t know about the police outpost at the time.

Later, two Changle Association members were charged with acting as agents for Beijing. for crimes tied to overseas police stations. Based on the unsealed complaint—filed with the District Court of Eastern New York—the organization opened the police station under the direction of China’s “primary domestic law enforcement agency,” the Ministry of Public Security.

The complaint also noted that the police outpost was one of thirty around the world as of January 2022.

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