North Korea fires four missiles into Sea of Japan

A new round of North Korean ballistic missile launches, triggering anger from Japan on Monday (March 6).

Pyongyang fired off four rockets in the early hours and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says three of them landed within Japanese waters.


According to South Korea, the missiles were launched from the North’s facility near the Chinese border, and traveled around 1000 kilometers, or 600 miles.

Seoul says with that sort of range, it’s unlikely they were long-range intercontinental missiles, but that needs to be confirmed.

Pyongyang has staged regular test-launches in the past year, sparking widespread concern that is could soon develop an ICBM that could reach the United States.

North Korea threatened to take “strong retaliatory measures” after joint U.S.-South Korean defense drills that kicked off last week, an annual event the Pyongyang calls preparation for war.

The launch prompted South Korea’s acting leader to call for a quick deployment of the controversial American anti-missile system known as THAAD, a move that’s become a tension point not only with North Korea, but also China.