A cute ‘nosy’ little pup gets his head stuck in a tire and waits calmly for his big rescue!

Pups are so much like curious human babies, always looking for new learning experiences, and often they land up in weird, often dangerous situations. Eventually, those who are lucky get rescued by kind and concerned humans.

This story is about, Blaze, one such nosy little pup, who gets himself in trouble. This 8-month-old coonhound loves to roam around his master’s property, sniffing, looking at things, trying different tricks — generally growing by learning.

One Monday morning, he found himself in a tight spot and got his silly little head stuck in a wheel of a tire. When the family could not see him playing around, they went looking for him and found the poor little thing in this precarious position.


After their efforts to free him failed, they carried him, as they had found him, tire and all, to the St. Francis Animal Hospital in Butte, Montana.

The vet tried his bit, but to no avail. So the hospital staff called the local fire department for their help. Firefighter Zach Osborne arrived with his team and expertise. After generous lubricating with coconut oil, brutal ear tucking, and some serious skin pulling, he was able to finally free Blaze.


It surely must have been quite an ordeal for the little pup, but he braved it all with the comforting and encouraging words from his family, and the efforts of the fire fighters and the hospital staff.

Throughout the proceedings, Blaze remained calm and composed and cooperated well, what with all the pain the pulling and tugging would have caused.


It’s amazing how animals figure out whether people around them are friends or foe, and react accordingly.

While Fire Marshal Doherty and Firefighter Osborne were the main facilitators in the operation rescue, we have to agree that Blaze is also truly worthy of applause.

The family is seriously working at “puppy proofing” their property, but the lesson was well learnt by our little adventurous pup.

Blaze, a lot wiser after his harrowing experience!

All’s well that ends well!

This story has been sourced from the Facebook page of Butte-Silver Bow Fire Department .