This is not your everyday lunch-in-a-jar, but it might become your favorite

It may not be the most important meal of the day, but it might be by far the most annoying one if you have the same dish every day.

So here’s a way to spice things up and bring some flavor, fun and color to your lunch. You just need a mason jar and a empty plastic container with the same diameter to fit into the lid.


Because it really can be boring to eat the same combination everyday, there are endless variations you can create when deciding what to pack inside the jar. To get a little inspiration, in the following video there are five different mixtures you can made rather quickly while using just a few ingredients.

By using an empty applesauce box this mason jar lunchables technique allows you to keep all your food separated until you want them to mix.


Just imagine bringing cereal to work in an ordinary glass container… It’ll get all soggy even before you left your home. With this clever idea you can keep the cereal away from the milk while on your commute and once you reached your desk you can mix it all up and start eating.

This do it yourself idea is truly simple, and you might want to try out as well. If not, what would be your favorite way to eat lunch?