NTD Business Full Broadcast (Aug. 2)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan Tuesday. She is the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit the island in over two decades. How is Beijing reacting to it?

Consumers borrowed a record amount of money in the last quarter; what’s inflation have to do with it?

Oil giant BP is becoming the latest energy company to announce record profits, thanks to high energy prices.

Looking to update your home? We have tips on home renovation projects that have the best return on investment.

An underground network of tunnels in Houston allows employees to move about the city in an air-conditioned environment.

Topics in this episode:

1. Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan, to Meet Tsai on Wednesday
2. Consumer Debt Tops $16 Trillion
3. Job Openings Fall in June, Lowest in 9 Months
4. Will Democrat Spending Plan Reduce Inflation?
5. Economist: Reduce Inflation Act Unhelpful
6. BP Profit Hits 14-Year High
7. Coal Is Making a Comeback: Fossil Fuels
8. Uber Has Positive Quarterly Free Cash Flow
9. GM Robotaxi Loses $5M Per Day
10. Toyota Subsidiary Falsified Emission Data
11. Baby Formula Shortage Easing, Not Over: Report
12. Stores Increasing Promotions, Lowering Prices
13. Home Renovation Projects That Pay Off
14. Houston Tunnels Offer Escape From Heat