NTD Business Full Broadcast (Aug. 1)

In the biggest quarterly employee drop in Amazon’s history, nearly 100,000 workers have vanished, after GDP declines.

Facebook fact-checks an economist for using the textbook definition of “recession.” We talk to Phillip Magness.

Will a proposed Securities and Exchange Commission climate change rule on agriculture producers create a Netherlands-style farm crisis? We talk to an economist about it.

The winner of the second-largest Mega Millions jackpot ever faces a mega tax bill. How much will they actually take home?

A river cruise in Chicago is showcasing the city’s architecture and history.

Topics in this episode:

1. Facebook ‘Fact-Checks’ Recession Definition
2. Twitter Halts Censorship of The Epoch Times
3. Home Prices Grow Less Quickly, Not Falling
4. Amazon’s Biggest Quarterly Layoff
5. Economist: Gov’t Climate Regulations on Agriculture Reduce Food Production
6. Germany: BASF to Cut Ammonia Production
7. 1st Grain Ship Leaves Ukraine Since the War
8. Report: Pelosi to Stay in Taiwan Overnight
9. Mega Millions Winner Will Owe Mega Taxes
10. Chicago: a City Of Architecture
11. Stores Increasing Promotions, Lowering Prices
12. Lebanese Entrepreneur Makes Cash Bouquets
13. Cat Food Inspired Dishes Coming to Restaurant