NTD Business Full Broadcast (July 26)

Retail king Walmart slashes its profit projections, substantially. What does this tell us about a potential recession?

Is the CHIPS Act a home run for Congress? One expert says it’s a strikeout.

The European Union puts together an emergency plan to tackle the gas crisis.

Klondike says goodbye to one of its ice cream treats after 40 years, but fans still have hope it’ll be brought back.

Businesses in a small Missouri town battle it out, trading barbs in a sign war. The local chamber of commerce says it’s all for fun.

Topics in this episode:

1. Americans Saving Less as Inflation Bites
2. Senate Advances Semiconductor Chips Bill
3. Expert: Chips Act Misses the Mark
4. Alibaba Seeks Hong Kong Primary Listing
5. U.S. to Sell 20M More Barrels of Reserve Oil
6. U.S. Sold 6M Barrels of Oil Reserves to China
7. Shopify to Cut 10% of Staff, Made Wrong ‘Bet’
8. Retail King Walmart Slashes Profit Outlook
9. General Motors Preps for Recession
10. McDonald’s Customers Shrug Off Higher Prices
11. Over 1,000 Flight Cancellations in the U.S.
12. Lawmakers Propose Upping Pilot Retirement Age
13. EU Critical Gas Crisis Plan
14. Chipotle Giving Away $200K in New Crypto Game
15. Klondike’s ‘Choco Taco’ Is Gone for Good
16. McDonald’s-DQ Sign War Entertaining Locals
17. Hotels.Com Announces Beach Motel Stay Contest