NTD Business Full Broadcast (July 29)

Oil companies are posting record revenues, boosted by surging prices for crude oil and natural gas.

The Federal Reserve’s favorite inflation figure hits a 40-year high. How does it compare to the more reported-on number?

China could be giving up its 5.5 percent GDP target for this year. One analyst labels it a failure.

A Chick-fil-A hiring miss: A store in North Carolina asks for volunteers to work. Instead of wages, it offered to pay them with something else.

We visit a playground dedicated to all things slime. The co-founder says they started it after slime helped them get through difficult times.

Topics in this episode:

1. Fed’s Main Inflation Figure at 40-Year High
2. Buying a Home Amid Economic Woes
3. Heritage: Spending Bill Would Hurt Families
4. Twitter vs. Elon Musk Trial Set for October
5. Amazon Reports 2nd Consecutive Net Loss
6. Apple Forecasts Faster Sales Growth
7. Exxon, Chevron Post Blowout Earnings
8. WV Bars 5 Firms Over Fossil Fuel ‘Boycotts’
9. China Giving Up on 5.5% GDP Target?
10. Analyst: China Missing GDP Goal a Failure
11. Hack: Roblox Planned to Bend to Chinese Rules
12. Chick-fil-A in NC Tried to Pay in Chicken
13. New Southwest Policy: Credits Never Expire
14. Sloomoo Institute Offers Slimy Experience