NTD Business Full Broadcast (March 21)

Don Ma
By Don Ma
March 21, 2023NTD Business
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The Fed is deciding whether or not to hike interest rates. It has to weigh the banking sector on the one hand and the economy on the other. An investment firm tells NTD it’s not a good time to be looking at upside opportunities in investments.

Home prices dropped for the first time in over a decade, ending a record-breaking streak of increases.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) introduces a bill to end normal trade relations with China. He believes this will help the American working class, but will it actually?

Tuesday is the second day of Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia. We speak to Tiffany Meier, host of the “China in Focus” show, who questions whether we’re seeing a shift in the world balance.

Google rolls out its new AI chatbot tool, a rival to ChatGPT.

The last non-electric Dodge Challenger is going out with a bang. It’s so fast, you might even need a parachute to stop.

Stories in this episode:

1. February Home Prices Fell, 1st Time in 11 Years
2. Yellen Vows to Safeguard U.S. Bank Deposits
3. All Eyes on the Fed Before Meeting
4. ‘Stay Defensive’: Chief Investment Officer
5. Trump Indictment Pending More Testimony
6. Putin, Xi Pledge Deeper Cooperation
7. Xi-Putin Meeting: A Shift in World Balance?
8. Russia Bans Government Use of iPhones: Report
9. Google Play Suspends Pinduoduo App From Store
10. Hawley: End Normal Trade Relations With China
11. Google Begins Rolling Out Its ChatGPT Rival
12. Last Dodge Challenger Has Optional Parachute