NTD Business Full Broadcast (March 23)

Don Ma
By Don Ma
March 23, 2023NTD Business
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TikTok’s CEO was grilled by lawmakers from both parties in a high-profile hearing Thursday. What did lawmakers ask, and did the CEO in any way convince them?

U.S. banks are losing deposits, especially after the bank collapses this month. How much did the most vulnerable banks likely lose?

How does the government’s effort to support failing banks affect your pocketbook? We ask economist Peter Schiff.

Starbucks’ new CEO says he plans to work barista shifts in stores every month.

Short seller Hindenburg is betting against Jack Dorsey’s payment firm, Block. What did it claim, and how much did Block shares drop Thursday?

The world’s first 3D-printed rocket launches toward space. Did it make it there?

The TSA weighs in on whether peanut butter is a liquid or not.

Stories in this episode:

1. TikTok CEO Grilled in Combative Hearing
2. ‘This Is Not a Credit Crisis’: Citigroup CEO
3. Vulnerable Banks Lost $1T in a Year: JPMorgan
4. Peter Schiff: Bank Bailouts Devalue the Dollar
5. Trump DA Probe Pushed to Next Week
6. Accenture to Cut 19K Jobs
7. Central Banks Keep Hiking Rates Amid Troubles
8. A Lot of Co-Op Among Central Banks: Analyst
9. Starbucks CEO to Work As Barista Once a Month
10. Coinbase Falls After SEC Threatens to Sue
11. SEC Charges Lindsay Lohan in Crypto Case
12. Block Stock Plunges After Short Position
13. Ford EV Unit Expects $3B Loss for 2023
14. 3D-Printed Rocket Launches, Fails in Space
15. TSA Confirms Peanut Butter Is a Liquid