NTD Business Full Broadcast (Nov. 16)

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Target’s profit has plummeted by 50 percent heading into the holiday season. Will inflation bring fewer presents for Christmas?

The latest on the FTX crypto collapse saga: Investors are suing the founder for damages, while lawmakers expect him to appear before Congress.

What is Elon Musk doing to reshape his new company, Twitter? And what effects are his actions having on employees and investors?

NASA’s next-generation rocket finally blasts off for the moon. The mission could pave the way for humans to live on Mars.

An exhibition explores the origins of New York’s delis. We’ll take you to “I’ll Have What She’s Having: The Jewish Deli.”

Stories in this episode:

1. Is Inflation Slowing Holiday Shopping Season?
2. DC Gridlock Could Limit Spending: Economist
3. Investors Sue FTX Founder, Celebrity Promoters
4. Musk Demands More Effort From Staff
5. Pfizer Investigates Health Issues After Vaccination
6. TikTok a National Security Threat: FBI Director
7. Frontier Offering All You Can Fly for $599
8. NASA’s Artemis Rocketship on Course for Moon
9. Lego Goes Epic With 5-Foot Eiffel Tower Set
10. NYC Exhibition Explores Jewish Deli History
11. London Reduces 2022 Christmas Lights Hours