NTD Business Full Broadcast (Sept. 14)

The Biden administration is racing to avert a rail shutdown, hosting talks with railroad and union officials.

Mortgage demand plummets compared to last year, as mortgage interest rates surge above 6 percent.

America’s national debt is closing in on $31 trillion. We take a deep dive, looking at what this means for the country and future generations.

South Korea issues an arrest warrant for a fallen crypto star four months after his platform collapsed. Why?

NASA gets ready to test its first planetary defense system to see if it can change the course of an asteroid.

Stories in this episode:

1. Labor Chief Hosts Talks With Unions, Railroads
2. Biden Admin Races to Avert Rail Shutdown
3. Rail Union Rejects Deal Over Attendance
4. Producer Price Index Fell in August
5. Mortgage Demand Down, Interest Rates Top 6%
6. U.S. National Debt Closes In on $31T
7. Biden: EV Funding for 35 States
8. Eiffel Tower: Lights Out Early to Save Energy
9. EU’s Plan to Tackle Soaring Energy Costs
10. Study: Renewables Could Save People Trillions
11. Warrant Issued for Crypto Founder Do Kwon
12. NASA Plans to Crash Spacecraft Into Asteroid
13. Italians Debate Pasta Amid Energy Crisis