NTD Business Full Broadcast (Sept. 15)

China’s Xi Jinping meets with Russia’s Vladimir Putin for the first time since the war in Ukraine. Xi wants China and Russia to lead the world.

Railroads and unions reach a tentative deal, averting a potential strikeat least for now.

The chairman of the SEC is in the spotlight, while senators question him over a contentious climate rule.

A top cryptocurrency is getting a major software upgrade, drastically reducing its energy usage.

Consumers are looking for ways to save this holiday shopping season. How is inflation affecting shopping habits?

Stories in this episode:

1. Xi And Putin Meet, Pledge Mutual Support
2. Railroad Strike Averted After Marathon Talks
3. Patagonia Founder Transfers Company Ownership
4. Senate Grills SEC’s Gensler Over Climate Rule
5. Florida Prices Too High For Retirees, Locals?
6. Innovation’s Impact on Inflation and Deflation
7. 3D Printed Lunar Habitat
8. Ethereum Cuts Energy Use With ‘Merge’ Upgrade
9. Kanye Says He’s Terminating Gap Partnership
10. Holiday Shoppers Adjust Plans Amid Inflation