NTD Business Full Broadcast (Sept. 16)

FedEx stock suffers its worst day ever after cutting its sales forecast, and the CEO warns of a slowing global economy.

Germany takes control of a Russian energy firm’s subsidiaries amid the energy crisis. We ask an analyst why this is a big deal.

A U.S. Space Force general says China wants the ability to destroy American satellites. How big of a threat is China?

If your company is struggling to find workers, we have some unusual tips.

The North American International Auto Show is underway in Detroit. This year, the show features an electric muscle car and the world’s first flying bike.

Stories in this episode:

1. FedEx CEO Anticipates ‘Worldwide Recession’
2. Global Container Freight Rates Drop by Half
3. McDonald’s CEO Warns That Chicago Is in Crisis
4. Germany Seizes Russian Refinery
5. Lebanon: Depositors Storm Banks Seeking Money
6. China Sanctions Raytheon, Boeing Defense CEOs
7. 1-Year-Old Dies Under China’s Lockdown Orders
8. General: China Space Abilities Threaten U.S.
9. CRISPR Gene-Editing Drug: Pros and Cons
10. Tips for Winning the Talent War
11. Detroit Auto Show Features Concept Cars, Flying Bike
12. Online Passport Renewal Coming Soon