NTD Business Full Broadcast (Sept. 21)

The Federal Reserve is sending a message as it raises interest rates again: Get ready for economic pain.

The New York attorney general sues former President Donald Trump and his company. She claims they have engaged in years of financial fraud.

Germany has nationalized energy giant Uniper. The firm is now fully under government control. Are more nationalizations coming?

Apple is shifting production away from China. Analysts say up to a quarter of its products could soon be made outside China.

Antitrust regulators are investigating an Amazon deal after consumer advocates complain.

Stories in this episode:

1. Amid Inflation, Fed Raises Key Interest Rate
2. Economic Pain Heaviest for the Poor: Analyst
3. August Home Sales Drop 20% From Year Before
4. US Gas Prices Up the First Time in 99 Days
5. NY Attorney General Sues Trump for Fraud
6. Biden Addresses United Nations
7. Putin Calls Up 300K Reservists, Says Nuclear Threat ‘Not a Bluff’
8. US Dollar Is the Highest It’s Been Since 2002
9. Germany Buys Out Energy Giant; More to Come?
10. Belgium: Thousands Protest High Energy Prices
11. Poor US Harvest May Worsen Food Shortage
12. Drunk Driving Prevention Tech in New Cars?
13. Apple Considers Moving Production From China
14. FTC Probes Amazon’s $1.7B Acquisition
15. Robots Work at Japanese Convenience Stores