NTD Daybreak Full Broadcast (June 14)

Four states hold primary elections on Tuesday. Among them is Nevada—a state with the potential to sway the balance of power in the House and the Senate.

Legislation that will increase regulation on foreign investment receives bipartisan support in congress. The bill aims to rebuild critical supply chains and protect U.S. technologies from countries like China.

Unprecedented rain has caused record flooding and widespread damage in Yellowstone National Park and surrounding areas of Montana. Visitors were forced to evacuate.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Four States Primary Elections
2. Nevada Primary Elections
3. January 6 Hearing Focuses on Election Fraud Claims
4. Senators Agree on Framework For New Gun Laws
5. U.S. to Tighten Foreign Investment Policy
6. S&P Confirms Bear Market as Recession Worries Grow
7. Record Flooding in Yellowstone Washes Out Roads And Bridge
8. Google Software Engineer Claims AI is Sentient
9. Amazon Prime Air Begins Drone Delivery
10. Canadian COVID-19 Death Data
11. Canadian Prime Minister Tests Positive For COVID-19 Again
12. U.S. Heatwave
13. ‘Fancy Food Show’ Tour in New York
14. Student Captures Galaxies on Camera From His Back Yard
15. Belly Dancing Brings Joy to New Jersey Seniors