NTD Evening News Full Broadcast (Aug. 8)

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In a third major reshuffling, 2024 hopeful Ron DeSantis has replaced his campaign manager Generra Peck with James Uthmeier, who served as chief of staff in Mr. DeSantis’s governor’s office, according to an announcement on Aug. 8. Ms. Peck will handle the duties of chief strategist moving forward.

Former President Donald Trump lashed out at the Justice Department at his first major rally since being indicted for the third time. He was speaking in New Hampshire, an early voting state in the Republican primaries. The latest poll numbers by the Morning Consul show that President Trump still holds a substantial lead against the other GOP candidates.

The Supreme Court voted 5–4 to allow the Biden administration’s rule regulating so-called ghost guns that can be assembled at home to remain in force while the case remains pending before a federal appeals court.

At least 75 more Catholic schools across the nation have announced they are closing their doors for good over the past few weeks. Most of the closures have been in major cities such as Philadelphia, Boston, and Cincinnati.