NTD Evening News Full Broadcast (June 24)

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President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will face off in the first presidential debate this Thursday. President Biden’s campaign said he will focus on democracy, abortion, and his rival’s economic plans. Meanwhile, President Trump has said he has made up his mind on his vice presidential pick, and that most likely, that person will be present at the debate.

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal from the Biden administration that challenges state bans on gender-reassignment procedures and drugs for minors. The case involves a law in Tennessee that prohibits puberty blockers and hormone therapy for minors who identify as transgender. Separately, the court declined to take up two appeals against the COVID-19 vaccine.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that the intensive phase of military operations in Gaza is about to end, and that Israel is planning to shift its focus to Lebanon. The Biden administration is advocating for a new Palestinian-led government in Gaza.

Russia has promised to respond after Ukraine attacked Crimea with long-range missiles, killing four people and injuring more than 150. The Kremlin is blaming the United States for the attack, and said the weapons were of American origin.

The State Department has released its annual Trafficking In Persons Report, which studies human trafficking around the globe. It put China, North Korea, and Iran in its lowest tier, and identified them as countries in which human trafficking is significantly prevalent.