NTD Good Morning Full Broadcast (Aug. 31)

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New York’s attorney general wants a state judge to declare former President Donald Trump liable for fraud—even before a trial. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump’s lawyers have filed a motion to dismiss the entire case. We have the latest on Mr. Trump’s civil proceedings.

Tropical storm Idalia continues to wreak havoc in the Carolinas. We take a look at the flooding and destruction left behind in its wake as those affected try to pick up the pieces.

For the past two decades, the Chinese Communist Party has waged covert economic warfare against the United States. Business leaders have outlined the impacts on American manufacturing.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Tropical Storm Idalia Causing Flooding in North Carolina
2. Idalia Unleashes Fury on Florida
3. Robert F. Kennedy’s Town Hall in NYC
4. NY AG Asks Judge for Immediate Verdict in Trump Case
5. Trump Posts Mass of Video Statements on Truth Social, X
6. Lawyers for Mar-A-Lago Manager Deny Ethical Conflict
7. 2 Co-Defendants Ask for Separate Trials in Georgia
8. Giuliani Liable in Election Defamation Case
9. President Biden Outlines Federal Response to Disasters
10. Idalia Could Cost Insurers Billions
11. Forecasters Warn of Fire Risks in Hawaii
12. Ways to Stay Safe This Wildfire Season
13. US Companies Warn of China’s Unfair Trade Practices
14. Biden Approves First Military Aid to Taiwan
15. Kirby Warns of Secret Munitions Talks
16. US Embassy Warns Citizens: Leave Haiti ASAP
17. Japan Seeks Record Defense Budget
18. Pret a Manger Fined $1M After Worker Stuck in Freezer
19. Italy: Five Railway Workers Killed by Train
20. Canada: 5 Million Bees Fall Off Truck
21. Arizona Will Pay Biden Administration $2 Million
22. Governors Vow No COVID Mask Mandates
23. Controversy Over ‘Fair and Safe’ Girls Sports
24. Officials Look to Recategorize Marijuana
25. How to Avoid Text-Message Scams
26. Biden Seeks to Extend Mandatory Overtime Pay
27. HK ‘Sugarman’ Creates Intricate Artisan Designs
28. Rare ‘Blue’ Supermoon Rises Over Spanish Coast and Gaza
29. Tourists of the Ursine Kind
30. Dog With Mystery Note Jumps Into Police Car