NTD Good Morning Full Broadcast (July 11)

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F-16 fighter jets are now being sent to Ukraine. President Joe Biden and NATO leaders announced that the Ukrainian military will be flying them this summer. NTD has more on the new aid package being unveiled at NATO’s 75th anniversary summit this week.

President Biden is urging NATO leaders to ramp up their industrial production amid threats from China and Russia. The United States is also rolling out a new measure to prevent China from flooding American markets.

Leaders from both parties in Congress have met with NATO leaders and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. NTD has more about the high-profile meetings happening on the sidelines of the NATO summit.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Blinken: Denmark, Netherlands Sending F-16 Jets to Ukraine
2. Biden Urges NATO to Ramp Up Defense Amid Threats
3. Mexico Warns ‘Dual-Use’ Chemicals May Be Fueling Drug Trade
4. House Dems Fail to Kill GOP Resolution on Garland
5. Montana Supreme Court Takes on Youth Climate Challenge
6. House Passes Bill Targeting Noncitizen Voting
7. Funeral Held for Couple Killed by Hezbollah Rocket
8. Lawmakers Assure NATO Leaders of US Support
9. Shortage in Air Travel Staff as Demand Soars
10. Stranded Astronauts Express Confidence in Safe Return
11. Biden Administration Awards Billions for EV Production
12. Testimony Begins in Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ Trial
13. More Flash Floods in Ruidoso, New Mexico
14. Southern California Heat Wave Peaks, Hitting Triple Digits
15. US, Mexico Thwart China’s Circumvention of Tariffs
16. Tips for Better Work Performance and Mental Health: Author
17. How to Fight Constant Morning Grogginess
18. Brazilian Biologists Work to Save Largest Caiman Species
19. Inside the Diets of Olympic Athletes