NTD Good Morning Full Broadcast (July 28)

Remnants of a massive Chinese rocket are expected to streak through the atmosphere this weekend in an uncontrolled reentry. Experts aren’t sure how much of the rocket will survive or where it’s expected to crash land.

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin changed course on Wednesday. He says he has reached an agreement on an alternate version of the Build Back Better Bill with Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer.

The Senate passes a bill to address a semiconductor shortage in the United States and reduce reliance on China. But some lawmakers say the bill is too weak and could open the United States to Chinese Communist Party espionage and intellectual property theft.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Senator Joe Manchin Changes Course on Build Back Better Bill
2. Senate Passes Chips Bill
3. New Third Political Party
4. Suspect Indicted in Chicago July 4 Parade Shooting
5. House Committee Examines Gun Sales and Marketing
6. Meta to Increase AI Curated Posts in Feed
7. Police Chase Stolen Amazon Delivery Truck
8. ‘Every Season is Worse,’ Says California Firefighter
9. U.S. Offers Russia Deal for Detained Americans
10. Israeli Military Releases Footage of Hamas Weapons Depots
11. Chinese Rocket Debris Crashing Towards Earth
12. Guard Donkey Follows His Human Brother Everywhere
13. 170 Carat Pink Diamond Found in Angola