NTD Good Morning Full Broadcast (July 2)

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July 1 was a big day for former President Donald Trump, as the Supreme Court ruled he has immunity for official actions he took as president. It’s an argument his lawyers made during the former president’s New York criminal trial. Now they’re asking for that conviction to be set aside.

Hurricane Beryl has strengthened to a Category 5. The storm has ripped doors, windows, and roofs off homes across the southeastern Caribbean, with devastating winds accompanied by storm surge. NTD has more on a weather system that has killed at least one person so far.

The United States and Panama have signed an immigration deal that aims to close the Darién Gap. The treacherous jungle passage connects Colombia and Panama, and is a key route for migrants. Panama’s new president was sworn in on July 1. He says Panama will no longer be a transit country for illegal immigration.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Trump Challenges NY Conviction After Immunity Ruling
2. What’s Next After Partial Immunity Ruling?
3. SCOTUS Declines to Rule on State Social Media Laws
4. Hurricane Beryl Devastates Caribbean
5. Dozens Injured After Plane Hits Strong Turbulence
6. US, Panama Sign Deal to Close Darién Gap to Migrants
7. Ukraine Air Base Under Fire as Russia Targets F-16 Jets
8. Oct. 7 Victims Sue Iran, Syria, North Korea for Billions
9. Israel Orders Mass Evacuations in Much of Khan Younis
10. 98 Chinese Rivers Surge Above Flood Warning Levels
11. Beijing to Start Spot-Checking E-Devices on Border
12. Sen. Schumer Criticizes SCOTUS Trump Ruling
13. Mixed Reactions to SCOTUS Immunity Ruling
14. Former Trump Adviser Steve Bannon Reports to Prison
15. Appeals Court Green-Lights Student Debt Reduction
16. US Manufacturing Extends Slump
17. Independence Day Holiday to Set Travel Record
18. Managing Crowds This July 4 Holiday
19. County Urges Public to Respect Fireworks Laws
20. Best Practice to Maximize Retirement Savings
21. Blinken: CCP Fuels Security Threat Against Europe
22. New Florida Law Lets Homeowners Remove Squatters
23. New COVID-19 Variant Infections Spike in US
24. US Teen Will Become Youngest Male Track Olympian
25. Cup Noodles Launches S’mores Flavor
26. Canada Celebrates 157th Birthday
27. Early Artwork by Titian Offered for Auction
28. Scientists Hope Fungi-Sniffing Dog Saves Species