NTD Good Morning Full Broadcast (July 3)

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The United States will provide $2.3 billion in further military aid to Ukraine. The announcement was made days after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Russia had dropped more than 800 bombs on the beleaguered nation in the past week.

Sentencing has been delayed in former President Donald Trump’s business records case. This follows the Supreme Court’s ruling that gives presidents immunity for official acts. NTD brings you legal analysis as the former president’s lawyers seek to have his conviction thrown out.

The United States is asking China and the Philippines to deescalate after their most serious confrontation yet in the South China Sea. The Chinese communist regime and the Philippines held a meeting on July 2 to try to ease the mounting tensions. This comes amid fears of a wider conflict that could involve the United States.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Judge Delays Trump’s Sentencing Until September
2. How Immunity Ruling Impacts NY Conviction, Ga. Case
3. SCOTUS Refuses to Hear Gun-Ban Challenges
4. New York Appeals Court Disbars Rudy Giuliani
5. Virginia: Freedom Caucus Chair Bob Good Loses Primary
6. Beryl Heads Toward Jamaica, Still a Major Hurricane
7. Netanyahu Rejects Report Citing Top Israeli Generals
8. US Pledges $2.3 Billion in Aid to Ukraine
9. US Urges De-Escalation as Philippines, China Hold Talks
10. High Security for Upcoming NATO Summit in Washington
11. India: Crush Kills Over 120 at Religious Gathering
12. Controversial ‘How Many Stops Act’ in Effect in NYC
13. NYC to Spend $2 Billion on Public Housing
14. Judge Protects Migrant Shelter, Accuses Texas of Harassment
15. CPSC Recalls Magnetic Chargers Over Fire Hazard
16. Arkansas AG Issues Dire Warning Over Temu App
17. 1st Annual Independent Artist Music Awards
18. Netanyahu Reacts to Reported Disagreements Over War
19. Rutte to Replace Stoltenberg as NATO Head
20. FDA Approves New Alzheimer’s Drug Kisunla
21. FDA Bans Potentially Harmful Soda Additive
22. How to Eat for Clearer Skin, Less Acne
23. FAA Approves 2nd Las Vegas Spaceport
24. Boston Trains Sport ‘Googly Eyes’ After Public Push
25. Dangerous Heat Wave in California Ahead of July 4
26. Child Entrepreneurs Learn About Money