NTD Good Morning Full Broadcast (June 12)

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Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah launched a barrage of rockets into Northern Israel early on Wednesday after the Israel Defense Forces killed a senior Hezbollah commander in a strike on Lebanon Tuesday night. NTD has updates on the conflicts in the Middle East.

What’s next for Hunter Biden after the guilty verdict in his firearms case? A legal analyst tells us whether an appeal is expected and on what grounds it could be lodged, as well as what sentence will most likely be handed down.

A former soldier as well as an ex-NASCAR driver were just two candidates vying to win as residents in four states cast their ballots in primaries.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Hezbollah Attacks Israel After Senior Commander Killed
2. US ‘Evaluating’ Hamas Response to Cease-Fire Plan
3. President’s Son Found Guilty on Gun Charges
4. President Talks Gun Control After Hunter Biden Verdict
5. House GOP Cuts Agriculture Spending by 1.4 Percent
6. 4 Primaries, 1 Special Election Held Tuesday
7. AI Expert Explains Risks of Voter Manipulation
8. Senate Dems Push Supreme Court Ethics Bill
9. 1 Killed in Atlanta Bus Hijacking
10. Israel Says Hamas Has Rejected Cease-Fire Deal
11. Report: US Sending Further Patriot System to Ukraine
12. ICE Arrests 8 Foreign Nationals Linked to ISIS: Report
13. Climber Detained While Scaling Argentina Skyscraper
14. Hong Kong Cancels Passports of 6 Overseas-Based Activists
15. Elon Musk Withdraws Lawsuit Against OpenAI
16. NYC Indicts Man for Selling Firearms From Prison
17. Sandy Hook Survivors Graduate With Mixed Emotions
18. Colorful Pianos Pop Up in New York City
19. Sec. Blinken Holds Meeting With Qatari PM
20. Think Tank Offers Bipartisan Solutions for Housing
21. Starliner Return Delayed: NASA, Boeing
22. California: $20 Minimum Wage Affecting Prices, Staffing
23. Author: ‘Give Yourself a Break’ to Lessen Stress
24. Study Links Processed Plant-Based Food With Heart Disease
25. IKEA Seeking Employment for Virtual Outlet in Roblox Game
26. Survival Show Contestant Shares Outdoor Journey
27. Rare Nova Explosion Bringing New Star to the Sky
28. Divers Plunge Into World’s Deepest Pool in Dubai