NTD Good Morning Full Broadcast (June 17)

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President Joe Biden held a star-studded Los Angeles fundraiser over the weekend—taking in over $30 million in the process. The president warned about what he described as the dangers of a second term for former President Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, President Trump is looking to boost his support in the battleground state of Michigan. The presumptive GOP nominee visited Detroit over the weekend, where he announced a list of endorsements titled “Black Americans for Trump.” President Trump spoke at 180 Church in Detroit, and NTD has takeaways from voters at the event.

The House Intelligence Committee is sounding the alarm regarding a possible terrorist attack in the United States. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (R-Ohio) says the threat is currently at its “highest level.”

Topics in this episode include:

1. Biden Raises $30 Million at Weekend Event in Los Angeles
2. Trump Visits Detroit Church to Court Black Voters
3. Biden, G7 Leaders Unite to Counter China, Russia
4. 2-Day Summit on War in Ukraine Held in Switzerland
5. Israel Warns of Escalation After Hezbollah Attack
6. Russia Says Forces Killed ISIS-Linked Hostage-Takers
7. House Intelligence Chair Warns of Terrorist Threat
8. CNN Debate Rules: No Props, Muted Microphones
9. How Will Rules Affect Presidential Debate Performances?
10. From Heat Wave to Snow, US Braces for Extreme Weather
11. Fire Near LA Burns 14,000+ Acres, Causes Evacuations
12. Biden’s Student Debt Policies: Agree/Disagree?
13. FAA Investigating Titanium Plane Parts With Fake Records
14. Dramatic Chase Footage Shows US Border Agents Battling Smugglers
15. Survey: Father’s Day Spending Expected to Top $22 Billion
16. Fed Official: ‘Reasonable’ to Expect December Rate Cut
17. Toyota Recalls 13,000 Cars Over Camera Defect
18. Boeing Starliner to Stay Longer at ISS Than Planned
19. RFK Jr. Premieres New Film, ‘Recovering America’
20. Impact and Importance of Work-Life Balance
21. Indonesia’s 1st Olympic Gymnast Prepares for Paris