NTD Good Morning Full Broadcast (June 24)

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Russian officials say gunmen have killed at least 19 people in the country’s southern Dagestan province. The region’s top official said the shooters opened fire at a synagogue, an orthodox church, and a police station on June 23.

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are getting ready for their presidential debate rematch on June 27. President Biden spent the weekend at Camp David for briefings and mock debate sessions. Meanwhile, President Trump hit the campaign trail in Pennsylvania and Washington.

At least 22 people tragically lost their lives in a fire at a lithium-ion battery plant in South Korea today. Authorities say a search is underway for those still missing.

Topics in this episode:

1. At Least 22 Dead in South Korean Battery Plant Fire
2. At Least 19 Killed in Russia Shooting
3. Israel Says ‘Intense Phase’ of War in Gaza Ending
4. Biden, Trump Prepare for Presidential Debate Rematch
5. Judge to Hear Arguments on Trump Gag Order Request
6. Trump’s Team Says Docs Case Prosecutor Illegally Appointed
7. Wisconsin: Judge to Weigh Disability Voting Rule Today
8. 3 Columbia Admins on Leave Over Alleged Anti-Semitic Texts
9. Fires, Floods, Heatwaves Hit US
10. Could an Israel–Lebanon War Be Next?
11. Russia Blames US for Deadly Strikes in Crimea
12. Greek Yacht Crew Charged for Arson on Hydra Island
13. Alaska Airline Flight Attendants Reach Tentative Deal
14. Reporter: Chat Group Helps Illegal Immigrants Enter US
15. Fireworks Expert Explains Independence Day Safety
16. Official Hajj Death Toll Tops 1,000
17. NASA Again Postpones Return of Boeing Starliner to Earth
18. What are Targeted AI Ads and How Can They Be Avoided?
19. New Weight-Loss Drug May Join Booming Market
20. CBP: 25-Percent Decline in Illegal Immigrants Since Asylum Order
21. ‘The Bean’ Reopens in Chicago
22. California: Missing Man Found Alive After 10 Days
23. World-Class Bakery Opens in Middletown, NY
24. Mexico City: Fans Mark VW Beetle Day With Parade