NTD Good Morning Full Broadcast (Nov. 17)

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping confronted Justin Trudeau at the G-20 summit. Find out what he said to the Canadian prime minister.

The trial of the Wisconsin Christmas parade killer drew to an end as a judge handed down six consecutive life sentences on Nov. 16.

Although they didn’t ride into a majority on a red wave, Republicans do take control of the House and start out with some ambitious plans.

Topics in this episode include:

1. WI Christmas Parade Killer Sentenced
2. Idaho Campus Killer Still at Large
3. Republican Investigation Plans
4. Dice Roll Election Audit
5. CCP Spy Sentenced To 20 Years
6. Xi Jinping Confronts Trudeau at G20
7. FBI ‘Extremely Concerned’ By China-Owned Tiktok
8. SF: Transgender Residents To Receive Guaranteed Income
9. Plan 20 Percent More for Thanksgiving Shopping Budget
10. Racers Hope to Preserve Bonneville Salt Flats
11. Toyota Unveils Revamped Prius Plug-In Hybrid
12. One Woman’s Quest to Restore American Values