NTD Good Morning Full Broadcast (Nov. 18)

Kari Lake said the election for who sits in the Arizona governor’s chair is not over. She has not conceded. Instead, she is assembling lawyers and collecting evidence of voters having trouble casting ballots on Nov. 8.

A U.S. House committee advanced a bill to track mail-in ballots on Nov. 17. But some feel it doesn’t do enough to stop potential fraud. We bring you more on what lawmakers call a commonsense requirement.

The Chinese communist regime is operating its own police stations on U.S. soil. What’s the U.S. government doing about it?

Topics in this episode include:

1. Western New York Declares State of Emergency
2. Kari Lake Refuses to Concede
3. House Committee Advances Bill to Track Mail-in Ballots
4. Comer: ‘This is an Investigation of Joe Biden’
5. Biden: Saudi Prince Should Be Immune From Lawsuit
6. Pentagon: US Won’t Dip Below Munition Readiness
7. China’s Secret Police Stations on US Soil
8. Maryland Sexual Assault Probe Into Catholic Church
9. Hundreds of Twitter Staff Quit After Ultimatum
10. Public Health Spyware?
11. Ticketmaster Cancels Sales for Taylor Swift Tour
12. Dad, How Do I? Youtuber Shares Life Advice