NTD News Today Full Broadcast (April 17)

Chris Beers
By Chris Beers
April 17, 2023NTD News Today
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Elon Musk sounds another chilly warning about artificial intelligence. He says programmers are training AI to lie.

Lawmakers are demanding answers on the Pentagon document leak. They want to know how a 21-year-old airman was given access to highly classified intelligence materials.

Twitter is labeling media outlets around the world if it finds that they’re somehow tied to government. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Australian Broadcasting Corporation are pushing back against the new labels.

Topics in this episode include:

1. ‘They Train AI to Lie’: Musk and Experts
2. Google Releases Emergency Chrome Bug Fix
3. Web Headline: Twitter Gives Media Outlets Around the World “Government-Funded” Label
4. Lawmakers Demand Answers on Leak
5. Trans Teacher Allegedly Threatens Shooting
6. Tragic Shootings: Root Causes
7. Heavy Clashes Between Sudan Military Forces
8. Vladimir Putin Meets Chinese Defense Minister
9. G7 Ministers Take Stance on Ukraine War
10. Italy Finds Cocaine Packs Floating off Coast
11. CORACH RAMBLER Wins After Protest Delays Race
12. Tulips in Bloom at Netherlands Garden
13. Bluebell Blossoms Blanket Belgian Forest