NTD News Today Full Broadcast (Jan. 27)

Kevin Hogan
By Kevin Hogan
January 27, 2023NTD News Today
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Republican members of the new Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government said that they will investigate any area where the federal government has abused its power and violated the rights of citizens.

President Joe Biden boasted about positive news in a new economic report, and also called MAGA Republicans the party of chaos and catastrophe during a Virginia speech.

Five fired Memphis police officers were charged with murder on Jan. 26 for the killing of Tyre Nichols, a motorist who died three days after a run-in with them during a traffic stop.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Biden Touts Economy, Bashes MAGA in Speech
2. Jeff Zients Selected as Next Chief of Staff
3. Musk Meets with McCarthy, Jeffries
4. Investigating ‘Signature Abuse of Our Time’
5. 25 States Sue Biden Administration
6. Lawmakers Submit 140+ Bill Amendments
7. 5 Memphis Officers Charged in Nichols’ Death
8. 13 Arrested for Gun Store Burglaries
9. Relief Efforts Underway in Half Moon Bay
10. BuzzFeed to Use AI for Content Creation
11. ChatGPT Passes Exam at Ivy League School
12. NYC Bike Path Killer Convicted
13. Woman Identified 50 Years After Death
14. Feds Reject License Renewal Application
15. Farm-to-Table Healthier School Lunches
16. Nanjing Sees 6-Fold Increase in Deaths
17. Hong Kong to Ban All CBD Products
18. New Bill Seeks to Block Sales to China
19. Video: Chopper Lifts F-25 Stealth Fighter
20. Ex-Chicago Student Given 8 Years for Spying
21. ICC Reopens Probe into Philippine Drug War
22. DA Bragg’s ‘Light Sentence’ in Assault on Jew
23. Germany’s Top Nazi Hunter Races Against Time
24. The Holocaust Survivor Who Fled Ukraine Twice
25. Second Gentleman to Visit Auschwitz
26. Experiencing Rio’s New Holocaust Museum
27. Holocaust Survivor Swindled on Dating Site
28. U.S. Deliveries of Tanks to Ukraine Delayed
29. Gunman Attacks Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Iran
30. Trans Rapist to Be Moved from Women’s Prison
31. Dutch Gov’t Agencies Told Not to Use TikTok
32. Belgian Firemen Protest Attacks Against Them
33. Shen Yun Brings ‘Divine Spark’ on U.S. Tour
34. 4,300-Year-Old Tombs Discovered in Egypt
35. How to Be a ‘Super-Ager’
36. January 27: National Chocolate Cake Day