NTD News Today Full Broadcast (July 1)

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The Supreme Court ruled 6–3 on July 1 that U.S. presidents enjoy immunity from criminal prosecution for official—though not for unofficial—acts. The decision is expected to delay former President Donald Trump’s trial in the federal election case in Washington. The Supreme Court’s decision remands the case to the district court for further consideration.

Beryl, the first hurricane of the 2024 Atlantic season, made landfall on the Grenadines’ Carriacou Island in the Caribbean Sea as an “extremely dangerous” Category 4 hurricane—with maximum sustained winds of 150 mph. It is the strongest known hurricane to pass through the region, according to historic NOAA data.

North Korea launched two ballistic missiles early on Monday in violation of multiple UN sanctions. South Korea said that one of the missiles may have failed. The launches were made just two days after the United States, South Korea, and Japan wrapped up their first-ever joint exercises in the region.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Trump, Biden Campaigns React to Supreme Court Immunity Ruling
2. Biden, Trump Hit Fundraising Trail After Debate
3. Gov. Youngkin Stumps for Trump for 1st Time at VA Rally
4. Biden Campaign Raised $33 Million Since Debate
5. Supreme Court to Rule on Texas, Florida Social Media Laws
6. Supreme Court to Rule in Case Involving Debit Card ‘Swipe Fees’
7. Breaking Down Trump Immunity Ruling From Supreme Court
8. Life Threatening, Dangerous: Hurricane Beryl Makes Landfall
9. Biden Admin. Pauses Some Student Loan Collection
10. California Bill Would Expand Search Warrants for Child Sex Trafficking Investigations
11. Top California Democrats Announce Ballot Measure Targeting Retail Theft
12. File: California Bars Required to Offer Spiked Drink Test Kits
13. Bodycam Shows Police Shooting Teen
14. Five Shot, Three Killed Near University of Cincinnati
15. Scammers Are Impersonating Water, Electric, and Gas Companies, BBB Warns
16. File: Boeing to Buy Spinoff Spirit Aerosystems
17. Record July 4th Travel Begins Amid Strike, Severe Weather
18. File: Fewer Americans Are Buying Grills
19. Roses Parade Removes Renowned Float Builder
20. Six Flags, Cedar Fair Merger to Close
21. Ultra-Orthodox Protesters Clash With Israeli Police
22. Israel Releases Gaza Hospital Director
23. Le Pen Celebrates Historic National Rally Gains
24. International Reactions to France Election Results
25. Reports: US Military Raises Terror Alert at Europe Bases
26. Hungary Begins 6-Month Presidency of European Council
27. EU Says Meta’s Paid Ad-Free Option Breaks Rules
28. Heavy Flooding Hits Italy, Switzerland
29. German Cafe: 14 Injured in Sulphuric Acid Attack
30. Chinese Space Rocket Accidentally Launches Then Crashes
31. Watchdog Suit Against Binance Can Proceed
32. North Korea Launches 2 Ballistic Missiles
33. North Koreans Are Seen Wearing Kim Jong Un Pins
34. Report: 9-Time All-Star Paul George to Sign With 76ers
35. Wimbledon Favorites: Can Djokovic Regain Form?
36. US Faces Difficult Task to Advance at Copa America
37. 8 Amazing Health Benefits of Figs
38. Australia Limits Who Can Buy, Sell Vapes
39. Acrobats Attempt Trampoline Jump Over River
40. Military Horses Bolt Through London Streets Again
41. Three-Time World Egg-Throwing Champions Defend Title