NTD News Today Full Broadcast (June 14)

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The Supreme Court on June 14 struck down a federal ban on bump stocks approved by former President Donald Trump. Justice Clarence Thomas wrote the opinion for a 6–3 court. The court’s liberal wing, led by Justice Sonia Sotomayor, dissented. President Trump had pushed for the ban in response to a 2017 mass shooting that killed 58 people at an outdoor music festival in Las Vegas.

Hunter Biden has agreed to drop a lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani and Mr. Giuliani’s former lawyer, Robert Costello, in which he accused the pair of violating his privacy over data allegedly recovered from his laptop, according to court records. Mr. Biden had accused Mr. Costello and Mr. Giuliani, who has served as a personal lawyer for President Trump, of being responsible for the “total annihilation” of his digital privacy in a lawsuit filed in September of last year.

Leaders of the Group of Seven leading industrialized nations turned their attention to artificial intelligence, economic security, and migration on the second and final day of their G7 summit, as their delegations worked on a comprehensive joint communique touching on many of the world’s major geopolitical and social challenges. The summit will also see the discussion of financial support for Ukraine, the war in Gaza, climate change, Iran, and the situation in the Red Sea, as well as China’s industrial and economic policies.