NTD News Today Full Broadcast (June 2)

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The FBI is preparing to bring an internal law enforcement document to Capitol Hill on Monday. Some Republicans believe it will shed light on an allegation that then-Vice President Joe Biden was involved in a criminal scheme with a foreign national.

The president’s son Hunter Biden could face legal consequences for a gun purchase, but his lawyers say they will challenge them under the second amendment if the Justice Department brings charges.

Some Florida residents this week were protesting a new immigration law. Illegal immigrants say they came to the US to work and that the new law is making it harder for them.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Florida Latinos Protest New Immigration Law
2. How Republicans Appeal to Hispanic Voters
3. Dispute over Arsenic Levels in Apple Juice
4. FBI to Bring Biden Document to Capitol Hill
5. Hunter Biden Could Use 2nd Amendment Defense
6. Twitter Trust and Safety Head Resigns
7. Jeffrey Epstein Jail Records Revelations
8. U.S. Adds 339K Jobs in April, Beats Estimates
9. Target Stock Downgraded amid LGBT Backlash
10. NY Teens Arrested for Eating Beloved Swan
11. WWII Veterans Depart for Normandy
12. US, Taiwan Sign New Trade Deal
13. UK Air Force Filters Out White Males: Report
14. Albanian Migrants in UK Jails Almost Doubled
15. Germans Feel Squeeze of 15% Food Price Hike
16. Russia Says Two Killed in Ukrainian Shelling
17. Sweden’s Submarines Promise to Boost NATO
18. Ukrainian Soccer Stars Organize Charity Game
19. Russian Fashion Brands Replace Western Items
20. Endangered Florida Ghost Orchid Blooms in UK
21. Versailles Gardens Smell like French Royalty
22. Beauty Secrets of Tea
23. NASA Wants You to Sign a Poem Flying to Jupiter’s Moon