NTD News Today Full Broadcast (June 6)

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Presidential candidate and Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) challenged claims of systemic racism in the U.S. during a Monday appearance on The View.

Department of Homeland Security data show over 800,000 appointments for humanitarian parole are granted each year. However, one researcher says the number of people who actually enter the country under the system is actually unknown. And he says the department is withholding the real numbers.

The FBI has not handed over the whistleblower document that alleges President Biden was part of a criminal scheme during his time as vice president. Republicans are moving forward with proceedings to hold Director Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress.

Topics in this episode include:

1. DHS Withholding Migration Numbers: Researcher
2. Sen. Scott Challenges Systemic Racism Claims
3. Appeal in Robert F. Kennedy’s Platform
4. W.H.O. Adopts European-Style Vax Passports
5. Comer: FBI Won’t Hand Over Biden Document
6. Prolonged Vacancies of Federal Watchdog Roles
7. 1:1APPLE Unveils Vision Pro Headset
8. Apple Conference Felt ‘Flat’: Analysis
9. IRS Alert: Employee Retention Credit Scams
10. Arizona Governor Vetoes School Anti-Porn Bill
11. PA Lawmakers Focus on Controversial Bills
12. USPS Reveals Highest Dog Attack States
13. WH Decries Beijing’s ‘Growing Aggressiveness’
14. Philippines, U.S., Japan Hold Naval Drills
15. UK Gives Dissidents’ Tax Data to China
16. Major Dam Destroyed in Ukraine War Zone
17. Ukraine War Hearing Opens at U.N. Court
18. Iran Vessels ‘Harassed’ Ship: U.S. Navy
19. Mont-Saint-Michel Marks 1000th Birthday
20. Notre-Dame Restoration Enters Framework Phase
21. Asian Art of Medicine Exhibition in Paris
22. Exercise over 40 May Prevent Hospitalization