NTD News Today Full Broadcast (March 16)

Kevin Hogan
By Kevin Hogan
March 16, 2023NTD News Today
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The Pentagon on Thursday released a video showing a Russian jet flying toward a U.S. military drone, which then crashed into the Black Sea. Washington called the fighter jet’s actions “unsafe” and “reckless.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention purchased data from tracking companies to monitor compliance with lockdowns, according to contracts just published by The Epoch Times.

A federal judge in Texas is considering a request by pro-life groups to ban the sale of mifepristone, the first drug used in a widespread abortion method. The pro-life groups have asked for a preliminary order halting sales of the drug nationwide while their lawsuit proceeds.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Pentagon Releases Video of Drone-Jet Incident
2. Massive Study on Natural COVID Immunity
3. CDC Bought Phone Data to Monitor Americans
4. Stanford Apology for Student, Dean Disruption
5. Trump Allies Say Gov. DeSantis Breaking Law
6. Credit Suisse to Borrow Up to $54 Billion from Swiss Central Bank
7. Credit Suisse Ripple Effect: Analysis
8. House Committee Eyes SVB Hearings
9. Bill Aims to Help Nomads Get Gun Licenses
10. Microsoft Drops AI Ethics Team Members
11. Google Unveils New AI Features for Workspace
12. Hockey Player Pushes Wheelchair Down Stairs
13. Honda Recalls 448,000 Vehicles over Seat Belts
14. Miami Beach Facing ‘Last Call’ Legal Battle
15. Water Flow Restoration in the Everglades
16. Japan-S. Korea Historic Rivalry Softening
17. UK Bans TikTok on Government Devices
18. Guo Wengui Faces $1 Billion Fraud Charge
19. Honduras Seeks Ties With China Over Taiwan Debt
20. Syria Welcomes More Russian Bases
21. Putin Urges Business Elite to Invest at Home
22. Ukrainians Training With German Leopard Tanks
23. Ukrainian Billionaire Fights Extradition
24. German Army Has Too Little of Everything: MP
25. Police Deploy to Sensitive Sites in Vienna
26. UK Pledges Reforms to Spur Slow Economy
27. Brits Opt for Solar Panels amid Energy Crisis
28. Fire Breaks Out at 400 Y/O South England Hotel
29. Italy: New Trial for US Tourists over 2019 Stabbing of Police Officer
30. Fish in Spain Facing Mass Euthanasia
31. Bird Flu in Chile: 40,000 Poultry Culled
32. NASA Unveils New Spacesuit for Moon Trip
33. Northern Lights Dance Across Lapland Sky
34. Webb Telescope Finds Near Exploding Star
35. Volcanic Activity Discovered on Venus
36. Photographer Captures 40,000 Bird Pictures