NTD News Today Full Broadcast (May 23)

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NAACP Chairman Leon Russell has reacted to criticism of his living in Florida after the association issued a travel advisory warning black Americans to avoid the state.

An Arizona judge dismissed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s election case on Monday. He said she failed to prove evidence of significant misconduct in the election.

TikTok is suing Montana over a bill that would ban the app in the state starting next year. The lawsuit alleges the ban violates the U.S. Constitution, as well as other federal laws.

Topics in this episode include:

1. MI Gov. Approves Red Flag Gun Law: Analysis
2. Kari Lake’s Election Case Dismissed by Judge
3. NAACP Chairman Responds to Criticism
4. Calif. Killing 300 Bills After Budget Cuts
5. California Ranks Last for Military Retirees
6. Can Pres. Raise Debt Limit by 14th Amendment?
7. Potential U.S. Default Will Impact Families
8. Students Sue Professor over Advocacy Fee
9. FAA Granting over $100M to 12 Airports
10. Bill Aims to Create Clear Food Label System
11. Survey: Most Americans Still Believe in God
12. US, Papua New Guinea Ink Defense Agreement
13. 150 House Republicans Criticize EPA Proposal
14. UK Backs Out of Banning Confucius Institutes
15. Russia Fights with Armed Group Near Border
16. EU States Back Ban on Destroying Textiles
17. Oxford Academics Defend Free Speech
18. France: Top Court approves AI surveillance
19. Police Begin New Search for Madeleine McCann
20. Late Imperial China on Display in London
21. Last Emperor’s Rare Watch Up for Auction
22. Steer Captured While Running Across Freeway
23. Great White Spotted Feeding off Cape Cod