NTD Tonight Full Broadcast (July 1)

The Supreme Court punts on Florida and Texas social media laws, sending the cases back to the lower courts.

After weeks of waiting, the Supreme Court rules that former President Donald Trump can get immunity for official acts, but not for unofficial acts. What did the former president have to say about the decision?

President Joe Biden and former President Trump are back on the campaign trail after last week’s debate. The White House reacts to rumors about President Biden’s reelection bid.

Florida homeowners can now remove squatters legally, as a new law Gov. Ron DeSantis signed earlier this year takes effect starting July 1.

The 4th of July is in a few days. With high heat expected in the forecast, officials give tips for staying safe, whether watching fireworks or traveling.

A new blockbuster has stormed the box office, joining the exclusive billion-dollar club in record time.