NTD UK News Full Broadcast (July 10)

Jane Werrell
By Jane Werrell
July 10, 2024NTD UK News

The energy secretary appointed a top climate adviser, Chris Stark, to head a new clean power taskforce. Mr. Stark will be responsible for helping to transition Britain’s energy system to renewables by 2030. Other industry experts are being tasked with clearing the way for future clean energy projects.

Prime Minister Keir Starmer said he remains committed to increasing defence spending to 2.5 percent of GDP ahead of the NATO summit in Washington. This is had his first meeting with world leaders since becoming prime minister, at a NATO summit in Washington.

Visitors to Buckingham Palace this summer will, for the first time, get to stand behind the famous balcony on which the royal family often appear. Some of the finest ceramics and furniture in the royal collection are also on display, giving a glimpse of George IV’s love of oriental art and furniture.