NTD UK News Full Broadcast (July 3)

Sir Keir Starmer made a visit to Wales during the final day of campaigning by the Labour Party. He stood alongside Welsh First Minister Vaughan Gething, who said a Labour government in Wales and England would mean they could work together.

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave a surprise campaign speech.Hhe appeared at a conservative campaign rally Tuesday night, his first in-person appearance on the campaign trail.

And on Wednesday, Sir Keir Starmer said Mr. Johnson’s last-hour appearance shows things won’t change under the conservatives.

As conservatives continue to raise concerns about unopposed power if Labour wins a landslide, NTD’s Malcolm Hudson takes us through how large majorities work in the House of Commons.

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters said he would prepare to fund WikiLeaks with income from his songs if Julian Assange returns to WikiLeaks. The musician hopes whistleblowers would speak out through the media organisation.