NTD UK News Full Broadcast (July 5)

Labour wins a landslide victory. Sir Keir Starmer gives his first speech as prime minister, while Rishi Sunak resigns as leader of the Conservative Party, saying he takes full responsibility for the losses.

As Labour sweeps to power, election night was brutal for the Tories. Former prime minister Liz Truss and a dozen serving cabinet members lost their seats, beating the previous record in 1997.

The Scottish Nationalist Party, which took 48 seats in 2019 as the UK’s third-largest party, has suffered major losses.

Incoming Liberal Democrat MPs have taken a record number of seats for the party in the general election—supplanting four Tory cabinet ministers and promising to campaign for health and care. Reform and the Greens made prominent gains, with Nigel Farage now setting his eyes on Labour voters for 2029.